For very high temperatures designed to protect threaded parts during powder coating and e-coating.

Strong durable, available in many sizes and colors. Put you logo on them for free

No tears soft rubber grips. Available in your own color with different finish

High temperature Silicone up to 300°C. Can be manufactured in FDA food grade approved in any color.

Temperature up to 210°C. No glue residue left. Ideal for masking in powder coating and glass splicing

Ideal for masking in painting, glass lamination, and masking for integrated circuits. Operate with temperatures up to 350°C

Resist to temperatures up to 210°C. Ideal for powder coating and glass lamination. Die cut shapes to your specs

Caps for protection of threads, studs and connectors. Excellent insulation for moisture weather and chemicals.

Ideal for most plating and anodizing applications due to their excellent resistance to chemicals.

Designed to provide tight seals on both ends of threaded and non-threaded through holes.

Available in many sizes and custom colors. Choose your lengths and add your logo.

Used to cover tubes, threaded parts, and studs during plating, anodizing, and powder coating.

Promask’s stabilized silicone caps are ideal to protect studs and threaded parts during powder coating, cataphoresis, e-coating.

Designed specifically to seal threaded holes from dust and possible damages during manufacturing and shipping.

Ergonomically designed Grab Tabs have a user friendly bowed surface. Caps go on snug and stay put for a superior seal.

Easy to apply and ideal to protect your products from any kind of contamination.